I read your book, Eddie, and like your grace-filled  approach. You’ve  done a lot of work, and I’m glad to see we think along the same lines. All the best as you keep thinking, keep writing, and keep “dispensing grace” to the world.

—Philip Yancey


Your book is important.  In a day and age where people have constructed God in their own images, a book that brings some clarity to viewing God is much needed.  I hope the book does well.

—Dr. Anthony Campolo, speaker, author, sociologist, pastor, social activist, and passionate follower of Jesus

So you think you have God figured out. Not so fast, my friend. That black and white picture in your mind may need a little fine tuning. With this book, Eddie Chu takes you on a biblical journey of discovery. You will see there is more than one way to view your heavenly Father and His interactions with you and the world. Perhaps the Holy Spirit wants to add a bit more color to your perception of the Father and His redemptive purpose in Christ. Expect to be challenged. Expect to be changed.

—David Kitz, award-winning author of The Soldier, The Terrorist, and the Donkey King.


All of us approach issues surrounding God, justice, punishment, and grace with some unquestioned assumptions. Many struggle to build a coherent understanding of God as our Father who describes His throne as a mercy seat. Every thoughtful Christian will find thought-provoking insights into issues that demand attention in Seeing God Differently.

—Malcolm Seath, Pharmaceutical CEO and Church Leader


How DO you reconcile the character of God as a disciplined Judge who would send people to Hell, and God as a loving Father full of compassion and forgiveness?

Eddie Chu dares to tackle this dilemma with courage and meticulous research, and what has come forth is a book that every pastor, every theologian, indeed every Christian should have on their bookshelf… but not to gather dust; you’ve got to read it and live by it! It will revolutionize your thinking, and revolutionize your effectiveness as an evangelical Christian.

Eddie writes from personal experiences that forced him to take another look at something that we all have probably taken for granted. Be prepared to have your traditional perspectives challenged; but also be prepared to have your love for God deepened and enriched.

Thank you Eddie for writing this book.

—Terry Bridle, 30-year missionary to Eastern Europe, Christian Radio Producer