About the Book

Prominent doctrines of the Bible often don’t agree, so what makes a certain interpretation of the Bible seem right or wrong? The perceived rightness or wrongness of a doctrine depends on whether  it  fits  within  a  framework  of  mutually  supportive  doctrines.  When  an  alternative doctrine doesn’t fit within that framework, the defenders of the framework discredit it.

One such alternative doctrine goes like this: God may not be the immovable judge some traditional doctrines have made him out to be. But suggest this to most Christians and you’ll be faced with a number of tricky “What about…?” questions that require careful thought and consideration. One by one, Seeing God Differently answers these questions, helping you gain fresh insight into the powerful parental love of God.


ONE What About Those Who Have Never Heard?
TWO What About God’s Sentence of Judgement in Genesis?
THREE What About the Punishments in Genesis 3?
FOUR What About the Laws in the Old Testament?
FIVE  What About Justice in the Bible?
SIX What About God’s Wrath?
SEVEN What About God’s Punishment for Sin?
EIGHT  What About “All Have Sinned” and “The Wages of Sin”?
NINE What About Final Judgment in Hebrews 9:27?
TEN What About Hell?
ELEVEN What About the Suffering Messiah in Isaiah 53?
TWELVE  What About Blood and Forgiveness in Hebrews 9:22?
THIRTEEN What About Christ’s Death on the Cross?